2019-12-03 18:46:00

One year on OCU defectors account for less than 1% of our parishes - UOC

Moscow, December 3, Interfax - The ranks of the new church of Ukraine (OCU), despite the efforts of the official propaganda, have been filled, forcibly or not, by less than 1% of all parishes of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) in the year since the OCU's formation, UOC's Metropolitan Antonius said.

Speaking in an interview with the Rossiya-24 television channel, he said that since last December, when the OCU was formed, around 100 UOC temples have been seized, 220 of its parishes re-registered unlawfully and around 78 switched sides voluntarily, which accounts for less than 1% of the total of over 12,000 UOC parishes, and that including several parishes which have since returned into the canonical Church.

"In times like these [the church] is purifying itself. Because, who's left us? Those who weaved various tales and squabbles within the Church, who were self-affirming themselves, who were of too high an opinion of themselves... The people who remained are loyal to God, to the Church, loyal to their oath, as priests and as archbishops, those who live for Christ and in Christ," the UOC metropolitan said.