2019-12-11 10:12:00

Yakut shaman Gabyshev detained again - human rights activists

Moscow, December 11, Interfax - Yakut shaman Alexander Gabyshev, who resumed his trip to Moscow earlier, has been detained, the press service for the Pravozashchita Otkrytki human rights organization said.

"Shaman Alexander Gabyshev, who recently announced that he resumed his trip, has been detained on his way to Moscow. Our coordinator Alexey Pryanishniikov reported that," the organization said.

A member of Gabyshev's 'crew', Yevgeny Rostokin, was detained in Yakutsk a few hours ago, it said.

"According to him, [Federal Security Service] FSB officers came to his home and took him for questioning. They told Rostokin that a criminal case of obstructing justice and a preliminary investigation (Article 294 of the Russian Criminal Code, obstructing justice) may be opened against him because he deleted a video recording, which was the reason why the criminal case had been initiated against Gabyshev. Rostokin was released later," the human rights organization said.

Additionally, on Monday, FSB officers visited Gabyshev's sister Yekaterina and tried to give her a summons in his name to appear at the service's office, it said.

"Yekaterina told the officers to look for the shaman on a highway and hand the summons to him," human rights activists said.

Gabyshev started his 8,000-kilometer journey to Moscow in March to "drive Putin away" and "restore the people's power." The trek was supposed to last for two years. He covered a distance of about 3,000 kilometers and drew a number of followers before he was detained.

Masked and armed police detained Gabyshev on Baikal Highway in Buryatia in the early morning of September 19. A criminal case was opened against him on counts of public calls for extremism. As reported, Gabyshev was found insane after a state-ordered psychiatric evaluation.