2020-03-04 12:57:00

Including concept of 'state-forming people' in constitution doesn't create preconditions for conflict Peskov

Moscow, March 4, Interfax - Russian presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov has said he does not see any preconditions for conflict following the inclusion of an amendment introducing the concept of "a state-forming people" in the Russian constitution.

Tatarstan's Mufti Kamil Samigullin said earlier on March 3, that he found including amendments in the constitution introducing the concept of "a state-forming people" unjustifiable.

Journalists asked Peskov whether this amendment creates the preconditions for conflict and encroachment on the rights of other peoples. "No way," Peskov said.

"If you look at the proposals stated in the new edition of Article 69, it suggests guaranteeing the rights of indigenous peoples and the cultural identity of all peoples and ethnic groups in Russia," he said.

The article also talks about supporting compatriots who live abroad, Peskov said.

"The Russian Federation guarantees all peoples the right to the preservation of their native languages and the creation of the conditions for its study and development," Peskov said, quoting the amendments, adding that "all fears that anyone might be encroached upon are completely groundless."