2006-06-16 12:55:00

A blood-exuding image of Christ printed on ordinary cardboard in Ukraine

Kiev, June 16, Interfax - Thousands of Orthodox believers are coming to St. Vladimirís Cathedral in Lugansk where an icon of Our Saviour the Powerful has begun exuding blood.

The image itself is printed on ordinary cardboard. According to its owner, Antonina Yefimova of the Orenburg region, the miracle fist happened in 1999, and in 2000 the face and the right hand in a sign of blessing and later the forehead of Christís image suddenly showed small spots of red-color liquid, the Ukrainian issue of the Komsomolskaya Pravda daily writes Friday.

The liquid thickened, clotted and then turned into scabs. Gradually the spots, hardly visible initially, began to grow in size taking longer to dry. There were more and more of them. Clergy in Samara had the image taken to a biochemical examination.

Its results confirmed that the image emanates the real human blood of Group IV, the same as found in bruises on the Turin Shroud.