2020-11-03 18:27:00

Freedom of speech mustn't hurt religious feelings - Russia's Matviyenko

Moscow, November 3, Interfax - Freedom of speech is an unconditional value, but no red lines must be crossed by insulting religious feelings, Russian Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matviyenko said.

"Freedom of speech is an unconditional value, but it can't be boundless, when religious feelings of citizens are hurt. There is a certain red line that mustn't be overstepped. We ought to remember this all the time," Matviyenko told reporters on Tuesday when commenting on the latest terrorist acts in Europe in retaliation for Prophet Muhammad caricatures.

"All sensible forces should condemn the terrorist acts that occurred in France and in Austria," she said.

"It is necessary to cease using labels and to stop attempts to explain the reasons behind terrorist acts by placing responsibility on some cultures and religious. All world religions denounce this and do not tolerate terrorist acts. This is a very sensitive matter, and one needs to always remember it," she said.

Russia stands ready to share with Europe its experience in fighting terrorism, Matviyenko said.

"In Russia, our services have accumulated unique experience. We have something to share. And only through interaction between the special services of all countries can we prevent such terrorist acts, especially as we already have a record of such cooperation, and it is very positive. We are open to such cooperation. We hope that the need to strengthen, to bolster international cooperation in combating terrorism will be realized," she said.