2020-11-05 10:33:00

Putin backs idea of int'l ban on insulting religious feelings

Moscow, November 5, Interfax - A ban on insulting the feelings of the faithful should be enshrined in international law, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

At his meeting with representatives from religious organizations on the National Unity Day on Wednesday, one attendee, Ismail Berdiyev, head of the North Caucasus Muslims' Coordinating Center, suggested that the president present to the UN Security Council an idea that all countries introduce a law making it unacceptable to offend religious feelings.

"It is a good proposal. I don't understand, who could be against a ban on insulting the feelings of the faithful in any form. We need to think about it, I will definitely instruct the Foreign Ministry," Putin said.

"This needs to be thought through. As you understand, our initiatives do not always pass international platforms. Although some really prompt quite a big positive reaction, in this particular instance, on the part of UN members," he added.