2021-10-14 17:29:00

Patriarch Kirill considered the preservation of Russia after the twists and turns of the 20th century a miracle

Moscow, October 14, Interfax - Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia called it a proven fact that Russia is under the special protection of the Mother of God, otherwise it is impossible to explain that the country managed to get out of all the twists and turns of the 20th century.

"By all laws, we should not have been. First, we blew up our own country with a revolution, then finished it off with a civil war, then resisted the invasion of foreigners, those who conquered the whole of Europe, and the terrible enemy was defeated by us. Of course, the merit of the military leaders is great, our soldiers and the whole people showed great valor and self-sacrifice. But can we say that we overcame all the terrible vicissitudes of the 20th century solely by our own efforts? If anyone says so, I testify: we have won because our Fatherland is under the Protection of the Most Pure, Most Blessed Queen of Heaven," the patriarch said on Thursday at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior after the liturgy in honor of the feast of the Intercession of Theotokos.

Russian Church leader believes that the intercession of the Mother of God, "her special mission to protect the Russian land, denied by many and causing confusion, is a reality." "Not a fantasy, not a hypothesis, not a timid assumption, but a fact confirmed by many historical events in which we see the hand of God. And the most convincing proof of this is the preservation of our country in the 20th century," the patriarch believes.

He wished that the prayers of Theotokos would be with Russia and the whole Christian world, "so that wars, divisions and all kinds of sorrows that crush the human person, the life of societies and states, would step aside and give room for a life in which faith, piety and human feat are present."

The history of the Intercession refers to the events of the X century, when Constantinople was surrounded by enemy troops. According to legend, on October 14, 910, the inhabitants of Constantinople gathered in the Blachernae Church and prayed to God for deliverance from death. During the evening service, one of those standing in the church, St. Andrew the Fool, had a vision that Virgin, surrounded by many saints, walked through the air, took off the veil from her head and stretched it over the worshippers as a sign that she was taking them under her protection. Soon the siege was lifted.

It's happened that this holiday was not included in the Greek church calendar and has been celebrated only by the Russian Orthodox Church. It is believed that Russia is under the special protection of Virgin, and this day has always been revered in Russia. Many chutches were built in honor of the Intercession of Virgin, and the name of the holiday has been preserved in many geographical and toponymic names.