2006-08-25 13:29:00

For Buddhists Pluto has never been a planet - Sanjey-Lama

Moscow, August 25, Interfax - Sanjey-Lama of the Buddhist Traditional Sangha in Moscow has stated that the decision of the International Astronomic Union to demote Pluto down from the category of planet will not affect the Buddhist astrology in any way.

‘This decision is of no importance for us. We do not mind demoting Pluto down from the planethood. Indeed, Pluto has never been considered a planet in the Tibetan astrology’, Sanjey-Lama said to Interfax on Friday.

He says the Buddhist astrological system has never given Pluto the importance it has attached to other planets; it has always considered it ‘rather a gasiform entity or a comet’.

The representative of the Russian Buddhists stressed that it often happened in the history of the world science that scientists ‘make discoveries after we did them’.

In this case, he admitted, the decision of the International Astronomic Union in some sense only confirmed the earlier Buddhists ideas of astrology and the solar system.