2006-09-06 17:36:00

Gay movement activists join rally against Basic Orthodox Culture

Moscow, September 6, Interfax - Some ten members of the No to Violence organization advocating the rights of sexual minorities took part in the protest action against the teaching of Basic Orthodox Culture in Russia, which took place in Novo-Pushkin Square in Moscow on Tuesday.

‘These guys are for respect of the rights of LHBT (lesbians, homosexuals, bisexuals and transvestites IF), a community in Russia which professes the openness of sexual minorities’, GayRussia.ru, website of the Russian gay movement, has reported on Wednesday.

The website reports that the protest action has had as its primary result the opportunity for LHBT activists ‘to state freely their protest against the Orthodox extreme conservatism and homophobia’.

One of the No to Violence members spoke in an interview to TV Channel 1 against ‘the clericalization’ of schools and society in Russia and described the Russian Orthodox Church as an ‘extremely reactionary, homophobic and even xenophobic structure’. An evidence to it, in his opinion, was the clergy’s protest against the plan to hold a gay parade in Moscow in May.