2006-09-07 11:44:00

No difficult teenager got into trouble with police after two years of teaching Basic Orthodox Culture in Belgorod

Moscow, September 7, Interfax - The teaching of Basic Orthodox Culture is believed to have been beneficial for difficult teenagers in the Belgorod Region.

A regional education official, Svetlana Kalashnikova, says the academic year in the Shebekino orphanage school was commenced with a special prayer.

‘There are 150 so-called troubled children in the school. But for the two years that they have studied Basic Orthodox Culture as an elective, not a singe detention by the police has been registered. Doesn’t it suggest something?’ Kalashnikova asked in an interview published by the Trud-7 weekly.

Besides, she added, in all the Belgorod schools in which the Culture has been taught as an elective course for eight years now, teachers say the kids’ behaviour has become much better.