2006-10-27 13:44:00

Orthodox public concerned for threat of neo-nazism in Ukraine

Kiev, October 27, Interfax - The Union of Orthodox Citizens in Ukraine fears that the decree on the rehabilitation of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists - Ukrainian Rebel Army (OUN-UPA) signed by Ukrainian President Victor Yuschenko will result in a split in the country.

‘By signing a decree on the rehabilitation of nazi accomplices, Yuschenko has made a fatal step towards split, because many people, cheated by the democratic rhetoric of the ‘Orange Revolution’, will never accept the rehabilitation of nazism, which is taking place exclusively at the suggestion of the Galician ‘elite’, reads the statement the Union has circulated on Friday.

According to its authors, it was Hitler’s intelligence that created and armed OUN-UPA, while repressing demonstratively those who resisted it.

‘It is impossible to reject the decisions of the Nuremberg tribunal which condemned the nazi Western-Ukrainian military unites, such as the SS-Galichina division and the Nachtigal battalion. OUN-UPA was an integral part of the nazi front in Ukraine’, the Union noted.

The statement also stresses that for Orthodox Christians the rehabilitation of Bandera’s people, ‘whom the Orange people and their leader Yuschenko have equated with veterans of the Great Patriotic War, means that these authorities recognize and encourage their evil deeds, such as the mass murder of Orthodox priests and their leader Metropolitan Alexy (Gromadsky) of Kiev and All Ukraine for their faithfulness to the Mother Church and refusal to join the autocephalist schism’.

The Union of Orthodox Citizens recalled that in 1943-1944, OUN-UPA members eliminated hundreds of Orthodox priests of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church, who were tortured and drowned in wells.

‘By rehabilitating the murderers of the metropolitan (of Kiev and All Ukraine - IF) and clergy of the canonical Orthodox Church, the Orange people try to justify their own lawless shady enterprises seeking to create the so-called ‘Ukrainian Local Church’, the authors of the statement believe.

The Union of Orthodox Citizens in Ukraine has also demanded that authorities should build a memorial to the bishops and priests who died at the hands of Bandera’s people.