2007-01-09 12:11:00

Maintenance measures for Leninís body completed

Moscow, January 9, Interfax - Lenin Mausoleum is to be opened on Tuesday, January 9, after regular maintenance measures, Russian Federal Protective Service Mass Media and Public Relations Centre informed Interfax.

The Mausoleum was closed between November 10 and January 8 for regular examination and maintenance of Leninís embalmed body done by the Centre of Biomedical Technologies of the All-Russian Institute of Medical and Aromatic Herbs (VILAR).

The regular maintenance measures were planned to be completed by 25 December 2006, but continued till January 9 at the request of the VILAR experts.

It has been common practice to close the Mausoleum every eighteen months. While the VILAR experts take maintenance measures, the Mausoleum equipment is being checked.

According to the ĎMausoleum groupí experts, Leninís body embalmed in 1924 can be preserved indefinitely thanks to the new know-how. His clothing is regularly changed.