2007-02-02 13:10:00

Stalin has already been tried by heavenly justice, so any earthly justice is senseless - director of the Stalin.live serial

Moscow, February 2, Interfax - Stalin’s historical personality including his religiosity is too ambiguous and should be repeatedly reviewed also artistically, believes Grigory Lyubomirov, author and director of the Stalin.live serial shown by the NTV channel.

‘For the Church, Stalin is a great historical leader who did a great deal of bad as well as good things. Over fifty years have passed since his death and he cannot be called to earthly justice because he has already been tried by the heavenly justice’, Lyubomirov said in an interview with the Moskovskiye Novosti weekly published on Friday.

The director of the serial about Stalin, in which biblical texts and psalms are read in the voice imitating ‘the leader of nations’, has reported in his interview some little-known details from Stalin’s biography, contradicting, according to Lyubomirov, ‘his image of a bloodthirsty tyrant’.

He affirms for instance that Stalin strongly objected to the execution of the czar’s family and replied to a question from his mother that ‘he would never in his life do it’.

‘He built a completely different model for himself. In the end of his life Stalin came if not to repentance than to a review of many of his deeds’, the director of the serial said and informed the readers that the David Giorobiani who played Stlain had received a blessing from the Georgian Patriarch Iliya II.

At the same time, Boris Ilizarov, Ph.D., in an article published on Friday in the same weekly, described the reading of church texts in Stalin’s voice as ‘an apparent falsehood’.

Indeed, he said, Stalin ‘recalling his unfinished secondary church school education, would occasionally put in a quotation from Scriptures or, drunk at a repast, strike up a church hymn in unison with his favourite comrades-in-arms’.

At the same time, Ilizarov reminded the readers, ‘it was Stalin who inflicted the gravest wounds on the Russian Orthodox Church, ordering to blow up or close churches, imprisoning and executing the best clergy and saturating their milieu with informers’.

‘No Muslim or Catholic or other non-Orthodox person did as much damage to the Church for her entire millennium-long history as did Joseph Dzhugashvili, this half-educated seminarian and repeated apostate from the Church and Marxism and Leninism and internationalism and his own native Georgia’, the historian believes.