2007-03-15 16:59:00

116-year-old Ukrainian says daily prayers, holds fasts and loves to sing religious songs

Lvov, March 15, Interfax -The oldest man in Ukraine Grigory Nestor, who lives at the Stary Yarychev village near Lvov, is marking his 116th birthday on Thursday.

According to his relatives, Grandpa Grigory has always been a very pious man who observes fasts and says his daily prayers. As there were priests and deacons among this long-liver’s ancestors, he still remembers the order of the Divine Liturgy and routinely sings it. He also likes to listen the liturgy broadcasts and religious talks over the radio.

His grandniece Oksana Savchuk, in whose family he lives, believes his longevity a sign from heaven in reward for his modesty and faith. ‘He has lived all his life inconspicuous and quiet, grazing cows, and for this he has got this gift from God’, she says.

Grigory Nestor has taken the news of his being the oldest man in Ukraine calmly, without taking any special note of the certificate the Ukrainian Book of Records granted him several days ago. To the question whether he knows his age he answers, ‘Oh but I even forget to tie my second shoelace after I tied the first one and you want me to remember how old I am. You should have asked me that forty years ago’.