2005-09-01 15:31:00

Russian Scientists discovered earlier unknown state of conscience during prayer

Moscow, September 1, Interfax - Moscow scientists discovered scientific basis for the changes that can happen in human life after prayer.

The series of unique experiments were held in laboratory of neuro- and psychophysiology in the famous ‘Bekhterevka’ - the St. Petersburg Bekhterev psyconeurological institute, Komsomolskaya Pravda weekly issue reports Thursday.

‘We registered an amazing phenomena after making dozens of brain processes encephalograms during prayer’, head of the Institute’s laboratory professor Valery Slezin says.

The paper reminds that till now science has known three basic states of brain: vigilance, ‘quick’ and ‘slow’ sleep. Slezin’s experiments disclosed another state -’prayer’ vigilance. The cerebral cortex seems to cut off, but a person continues to receive information bypassing his thought processes and analysis.

‘It seems to me, - continues Slezin, - though I cannot prove it, that conscience begins to exist outside the body’.

He thinks that ‘prayer’ vigilance when the brain is in a ‘baby’s state is necessary for us like all other states’. If our life lacks it, the harmony of our body is misbalanced and sickness appears.

‘It is not without reason that the Gospel says: be like children and you will be saved. During prayer the pathological links between the neurons are disconnected, man relaxes, and stops thinking about his illness. What is the more important, he becomes free from the fear of falling ill’, professor said.