2007-03-26 13:34:00

Almost a third of game machine points to close in Moscow

Moscow, March 26, Interfax ­- Almost a third of gaming houses will be closed in Moscow by July 1, 2007, Moscow Deputy Mayor Iosif Orjonikidze told Interfax on Monday.

‘The cut will primarily affect the owners of almost a third of game machines,’ he said.

Currently in Moscow there are 890 gaming houses including 822 game machine houses. ‘Only 344 game machine houses meet the requirements for location, let alone requirements for assets,’ Orjonikidze added.

He said that they planed closing 78 gaming points, located inside federal real estate within Moscow city, mainly at Russia Railways stations and bays, by July 1.

There is also a plan to close 159 more gaming points set in non-perpetual structures as temporary kiosks, booths, and stalls, he said.

According to him, there are not only game machine houses but also casinos that will be cut in numbers. Only 22 of 49 Moscow casinos meet the requirements of the law, he noted.