2005-09-02 14:49:00

Pskov museum specialists insist on return of pagan idols taken out to Germany in wartime

Pskov, September 2, Interfax - The Pskov museum specialists insist on the return to Russia of the pagan idols and other museum exhibits taken out to Germany when Pskov was occupied during the Great Patriotic War.

‘We know about two stone idols of the pre-Christian time. One of them dating to the 8th -10th century was found in the early 20th century in a brook near the Promezhiza village and was kept in the Pskov museum before the Great Patriotic War, during which it was taken away to Germany’, museum’s researcher Anatoly Alexandrov reported to Interfax.

He also said that the ‘Heritage of Spirit’ society had been set up in Germany during World War II. Its members collected all cult values from the occupied territories. ‘They, probably, got the idol’, Alexandrov noted.

The second idol found in the swamps not far the Bogovo village, Pushkinogorsk district, but not registered in the museum’s card index also disappeared during the years of occupation.

According to the scientist, ‘preliminary research shows that it was a Celtic idol of the 3rd century B.C. - 4th century A.D. Its presence in the Pskov region suggests that small groups of Celts could have reached this territory where they were assimilated’.

‘We do not know when and how the pre-Christian idols will be returned to us. However, we spare no effort to bring the monuments of pagan culture back to the Pskov region. We have prepared and sent all proper documents’, Alexandrov said.