2007-04-02 13:19:00

People’s Council urges authorities to equate Satanists to terrorists

Moscow, April 2, Interfax - People’s Council, an Orthodox public movement, urges the authorities to be more active in struggle against Satanic sects and to equate their adepts to terrorists.

‘Mortal hatred for Christians, total disregard for moral norms generally accepted in Russia, attempts to intimidate millions of our citizens by monstrous cruelty, cynicism, impudence and special sadism manifested in ritual murders and other crimes - all this is characteristic of Satanic organizations’, the People’s Council says in a statement communicated to Interfax on Monday.

Its authors recall several ritual murders committed by Satanists earlier and disclosed by the law enforcement. The most notorious of them was the murder of three Optino monks killed by a Satanist on Orthodox Easter and uncovered attempts at the lives of Orthodox priests.

‘There is an enormous number of Satanic organizations and groups acting in Russia today. Many of them are united in a single branchy network. They do not even conceal their aims, acting openly and recruiting new adepts through the Internet (for instance, the so-called Church of the Satan). Satanic literature has been openly circulated and sold in Russia’, the statement says.

The People’s Council notes that most of the Satanic organizations emerged and manifested themselves in Russia in the last decade of the 20th century. ‘They penetrated into Russia from the USA and Western European countries, where they are based. In recent years, these organizations have structured themselves in Russia and gathered strength to present now a real danger to our society’, the document states.