2007-05-02 14:08:00

Alexy II: Estonian government disrespect for soldier monument immoral

Moscow, May 2, Interfax - The Estonian government's struggle against the memory of soldiers who fell in battle against fascism is indecent, Patriarch Alexy II of Moscow and All Russia said.

"Fighting against the dead, against the soldiers who have always been honored by all nations, is the most unworthy deed. It is immoral to profane the memory of the dead," Alexy II said on Wednesday after a service at Moscow's Intercession Monastery, while commenting on the dismantling of a Soviet memorial in Tallinn.

The Patriarch urged to ‘respect the exploit of those who defended our one motherland and gave the most priceless they had, their very lives, for honor, freedom, and liberation from fascism.

‘Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends. This is what Christ our Savior said,’ said the Russian Orthodox primate.

‘We Russians speak either good or naught about the dead,’ he noted.

‘When political leaders use the words as “drunkards” and “marauders”, it is unworthy of the politician or a statesman,’ Alexy II said.

Patriarch Alexy was born in Estonia and spent nearly 40 years there. He was consecrated Bishop of Tallinn and Estonia after years of church ministry in this country.