2005-09-09 18:22:00

Author of the Mosque of Notre Dame de Paris hopes her book will help Christians come back to Christ

Moscow, September 9, Interfax - Author Elena Chudinova of the Mosque of Notre Dame de Paris book that caused a stir, does not think that her novel makes inter-religious strife.

Interfax correspondent reports that a journalist called the presentation of the book at the All-Union Exhibition Centre on Friday unconstitutional. She considers the book to be politically incorrect.

The author responded that ‘as the Muslims propagate their religion, Christians can do likewise’.

‘My novel does not make inter-religious strife, but rather invites Christians to come back to Christ’, Chudinova underscored.

Press secretary Olga Golosova of Lepta-Press publishing house said: ‘When people abandon Christ, their souls become empty. This emptiness is filled by Islam in Western Europe’.

Popular frontman Mikhail Leontiev said at the presentation that he liked the idea. Leontiev invited the readers not to be afraid of a possible negative reaction. ‘Brawlers do not mind how to interpret the book - they will make a row anyway’, he emphasized.

‘Notre Dame de Paris Mosque’ is an antiutopia, the action takes place in the mid-21st century. Islam becomes the EU state religion, while Christians and other Europeans are forced to live in ghetto. A small group of the Resistance movement refuses to live according to the Shariat laws and fight for their rights with the new masters of Europe.