2007-06-22 11:58:00

Lenin's body could be buried at a war memorial cemetery - initiator of the founding a necropolis

Moscow, June 22, Interfax - Lenin's body could be re-buried at the Federal War Memorial Cemetery after this necropolis is built, Sergey Goryayev, leader of the Cemetery's designer team, told journalists.

He said if there is a political decision, Lenin's body could be buried at the Cemetery just as any other leader of the Russian state.

At the same time he stressed his objection against the demolition or transfer of the mausoleum as a UNESCO-protected monument and part of the Moscow Kremlin ensemble.

He said it was not only a military cemetery that was being built at Mytischi near Moscow but also a pantheon for burying prominent Russian statesmen and citizens who rendered special services to the state.

The Cemetery's superintendent, Maj.-Gen. in reserve Vasily Rudenko, on his part, expressed hope that actual construction of the memorial compound would begin early next year.

He said the construction is planed to be completed in May 2010 in time for the 65th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.