2007-06-22 15:53:00

The people will not allow to bury Lenin - CPRF Central Committee

Moscow, June 22, Interfax - Valery Rashkin, State Duma deputy and secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF), described as another provocation the media reports alleging that the party has given its consent to the authorities to bury Lenin's body provided the coffin with his remains is driven through the country for parting.

'We in the Communist Party leadership have already exchanged opinion unofficially on this issue and have come to the conclusion that it is another provocation by our political opponents disturbed by the communists' success in regional elections and the general growing rating of our party', Rashkin told Interfax.

He described the alleged agreement with the country's leaders as 'totally ludicrous'. 'The CPRF and the Kremlin administration are political antagonists. We will not make a backstage deal on any issue, the more so on such an important one as preservation of Lenin's Mausoleum', Rashkin said.

At the same time the deputy noted that not only Communists but also a considerable part of society object to the burial of Lenin's body.

'The people will simply disallow it because many, not only older people, associate Lenin's name with the achievements of the Soviet power which have now been lost', Rashkin said, noting that he implied first of all the social guarantees for citizens.