2007-07-13 13:32:00

The famous missionary urges police to be on alert on Friday the 13th as Satanists' may intensify their activity

Moscow, July 13, Interfax - The law enforcement should be especially vigilant on Friday the 13th, Deacon Andrey Kurayev, professor at Moscow Theological Academy, believes.

'On Friday the 13th the police should be on the alert because on this day and night Satanic groups will become more intense in their activity', Father Andrey told Interfax.

He stressed that the reason is not the 'magic' of the date but the fact that the Satanist 'themselves interpret this date in their own way and seek to time their misdeeds to it'.

'It would be wise for the FSB bodies to monitor their chats and forums more attentively on the eve of such days', Deacon Kurayev added.

Speaking about the recent marriage boom on 'the tripe-seven day', July 7, in Russia, he was ironic: 'All the astrologists and interpreters who made themselves heard last week forgot for some reason to say that the 7th day of the 7th month of the 7th year will bring happiness only to those who are married for the 7th time'.