2007-07-24 15:15:00

Orthodox human rights activists demand that Academician Ginzburg be tried for stirring up religious strife

Moscow, July 24, Interfax - The People’s Council, an Orthodox public movement, has appealed to the Moscow public prosecutor to try well-known scientist Vitaly Ginzburg for stirring up religious strife.

The People’s Council has asserted in its statement, which has been made available to Interfax, that Ginzburg, in his interview with the Vesti Obrazovaniya (Education News) newspaper, issue of February 1-15, 2007, commenting on the teaching of Basic Orthodox Culture as a cultorological discipline in school, said in particular that ‘by teaching religion in school, these... would like to ensnare children’s souls’.

‘I believe that through such statements in the press Vitaly Ginzburg incites religious enmity and insults dozens of millions of Christians in Russia’, Oleg Kassin, People’s Council coordinator, told the agency.

In this connection, he believes, the academician should be ‘tried for inciting religious enmity’.