2007-08-09 12:24:00

Academic letter on ‘clericalization of the country’ dictated by hatred towards Church - St. Tikhon’s University head of a chair

Moscow, August 9, Interfax - Victor Lega, assistant professor and head of the Chair of Basic Theology and Apologetics at St. Tikhon’s Orthodox Humanitarian University, has compared the academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the authors of the recent letter to the president accusing the Church, to the lowest-mark pupils.

‘They are engaged in physics and will never let a dilettante into it, which is quite right’. They would tell him to study physics first and then to judge. For all that, they themselves judge theological disciplines like poor pupils, arguing about things they know only very superficially and even misunderstand’, Lega said in an interview with Interfax.

He advised that the academicians should read modern books, which reveal ‘a striking consistency of modern cosmology, geology and biology with the teaching on the creation’.

He also described as ‘crocodile tears’ the academicians’ fears that religious knowledge could bedevil schoolchildren.

‘I have not read a single appeal of scientists to the president concerning crime or drug-addiction or propagation of pornography. They would keep silent about it. But when a priest comes to a school, they raise noise. Souls are something they don’t care of. The apparent anti-church, anti-Christian orientation of their letter is evident’, Lega is convinced.

He believes the deep-laid cause for the appearance of such a letter is ‘hatred towards the Church’ while an external reason is ‘good, as they, in their sincere but wrong belief, seek to be of use to the state, as they understand it’, the scholar noted.

‘I see a third reason in their ignorance. They do not know what theology is. They do not know the history of the Church or the relations between religion and science. They do know much. And they make elementary logical mistakes betraying the anti-church mood of these letters. To avoid all this I always advise everyone, be it an academician or a first-grade pupil: read more!’ Lega said.