2007-08-09 14:20:00

An American secret service officer exposed on the staff of a religious organization in Tula

Tula, August 9, Interfax - An active officer of the US intelligence has been exposed in an abroad-based religious organization acting in Tula, the press secretary of the Tula diocese, Valery Otstavnykh, had informed Interfax on Thursday.

He said the Tula Governor Vyacheslav Dudka has stated it during a recent conference.

The press secretary noted that this information was not a shock for the Church.

‘For many years we have been pointing to the destructive impact that totalitarian sects and cults make on not only individuals and society but also on the state. Well-known Russian Orthodox Church researchers of sects warned society long ago that totalitarian sects and cults became politicized, eager to get into power bodies. They may have direct connections with the secret services of other countries’, the representative of the diocese said.

He believes the information from the governor ‘only confirmed it’. Otstavnykh also described the recent conference in the regional administration as unprecedented.

‘In the course of the conference, the governor also spoke of the expansion of religious preachers from the USA, noting that destructive sects carried out their activity under the cover of charities and that their activity not only did mental damage to people but also undermined the state security as foreign missionaries sought to persuade Russian citizens into refusing to participate in elections and army service’, Otstavnykh said.