2007-08-16 13:25:00

The Arctic Expedition proves that Russia is a great polar power - Alexy II

Moscow, August 16, Interfax - Patriarch Alexy II of Moscow and All Russia has highly evaluated the recent expedition to the North Pole in the framework of the project Arctic 2007.

‘It was the first time that a Russian expedition, having reached the North Pole, made a 13,000ft dive and set a Russian flag on the bottom of the Arctic Ocean. Thereby they rose our country’s prestige and demonstrated unique features of our underwater machines and professionalism of the crew,’ the patriarch said in his letter of congratulations sent to the State Duma vice-speaker Arthur Chilingarov.

‘This expedition proves that Russia is rightfully called a great polar power,’ the primate said as he mentioned that the year 2007 was declared the Year of the Pole in Russia.

Changing himself, the man changes environment and ‘knows the world as God’s creation revealing for himself this creative relationship,’ he said.

‘When you were in the harsh conditions of the North Pole you could observe the creation, inclement but splendid and wisely ordered. I am sure it is only very courageous people of the strong spirit who could do that,’ the primate said in his letter of congratulations published by the Moscow Patriarchate’s official website on Thursday.