2007-08-21 15:47:00

Particles of St. Alexander Nevsky’s relics given to the long range air force

Moscow, August 21, Interfax - The Russian Orthodox Church gave some particles of St. Alexander Nevsky’s relics to the chapel of the headquarters of the long range air force.

‘The long range air force personnel face difficult tasks these days. The Orthodox Church is with us to help and support us. Today we are receiving another shrine, so that there will be not only St. Theodore Ushakov’s relics but also St. Alexander Nevsky’s in our chapel,’ the deputy commander of the long range air force Maj.-Gen. Anatoly Zhikharev.

According to him, all strategic bombers has been blessed by the Russian Orthodox Church. ‘When the aircraft is named, they bless she,’ he said. All Russian strategic bombers have personal names.

The ceremony of giving of the relics was led by Patriarch Alexy II’s vicar Bishop Amvrosy of Bronnitsy.

The bishop greeted the long range air force on the occasion of recommencement patrolling faraway regions and the fifth anniversary of dedication of St. Elijah’s Chapel at the headquarters.

In September 2007 St. Alexander Nevsky’s relics will be temporally brought to St. Petersburg from Moscow, the bishop added.