2005-09-28 18:32:00

Nikita Mikhalkov describes the presence of Lenin’s mausoleum in an Orthodox country as abnormal

Moscow, September 28, Interfax - Nikita Mikhalkov, president of the Russian Culture Foundation and head of the Cinematographers’ Union in Russia, believes the presence of Lenin’s mausoleum in an Orthodox country to be abnormal.

‘It is abnormal for any history, the more so Christian and Orthodox, that a man who does well at a coal mine in Vorkuta should be given as a bonus an opportunity to look at a corpse 6,000 kilometres away’, Mikhalkov said at a press conference at the Interfax headquarters in Moscow.

‘People stand in huge lines, with children, languid with heat, just to enter some premises and see a corpse - not a portrait or a photograph or a film or a documentary, but a corpse’, Mikhalkov wondered.

He believes ‘it is not right that huge money should be spent on this pagan performance’. Besides, he emphasized, ‘this (Lenin’s body being in a mausoleum) is a downright violation of the will of the deceased who willed to bury him next to his mother’.

Mikhalkov believes that if Lenin will be buried at a cemetery, ‘this action should be done humanly’.

In the filmmaker’s view, all those who wish to do so “should have an opportunity to pay homage to the deceased and to appreciate his contribution and his burial place should be guarded around the clock lest some dashing spirits should continue their political program by outraging the grave’.

‘A tremendous number of moral failures in our spiritual life have resulted precisely from our failure to do the will of the deceased, and the ambivalent situation continues: we confess Orthodox Christianity, on one hand, and obey absolutely pagan, unchristian precepts, on the other’, Mikhalkov added.