2007-11-07 14:20:00

Memorial head calls to reburial of executors from beneath Kremlin Wall

Moscow, November 7, Interfax - Arseny Roginsky, the head of the Memorial historic human right society, has come up with a new proposal to solve the issue of the reburial of Lenin and other remains from beneath the Kremlin Wall.

"I do not call for the ashes to be scattered to the four winds; but as for executors, the state should show its will: they need to be reburied. The whole country visits the Red Square. This is a solemn place. Let the state and public decide where to rebury [the remains of those involved in executions]," Roginsky told Interfax.

However, "nobody can be erased from history," he said.

"I am quite aware that people, who claimed thousands and million lives should not be lying solemnly buried in the heart of the country. Not only Lenin, but also Stalin, a person who was continuously slaughtering his, and not only his, compatriots for many years, lies there. Vyshinsky, an executor, who was a prosecutor at all important trials in 1930s, which were all show trials, Mekhlis, one of the spin-doctors of the terror, Shkiryatov, the most active figure during the terror, and many others," Roginsky said.

Asked whether Russia is ready to rebury the remains from beneath the Kremlin Wall, he said, "[It] is ready for Lenin's reburial. It will be ready to rehabilitate the Tsar even more. And as for Stalin, I do not know."