2005-10-04 10:32:00

Lenin's last wish should be fulfilled - Russian politicians

Moscow, October 4, Interfax - State Duma First vice-speaker for United Russia Lyubov Sliska believes that it would be correct to bury Lenin according to Christian traditions.

"It would be absolutely right to bury Lenin according to Christian traditions, and I think it should be done in January on the third day after death, meaning January 24," Sliska told Interfax after discussions on the viability of burying Lenin's body.

The human necessity to do it had become obvious, she said. "However, by no means should the situation be used for the pursuit of political goals," she said.

Sliska believes that those advocating the preservation of Lenin on Red Square have exhausted their arguments.

His last wish should be carried out, she said, referring to Lenin''s wish to be buried in St. Petersburg near to his mother.

Russian society today provides for an opportunity to solve the issue of Lenin''s burial, Head of the State Duma committee on legislature Pavel Krasheninnikov said.

"There is no confrontation on this issue and I think, if we look at the issue from a humanitarian point of view, rather than through a political lens, then of course he should be buried. However, people''s dignity should not be humiliated and political discords should not be stirred," Krasheninnikov told Interfax.

"The main thing is not to emphasize the problem''s political aspects," he said. "It is important not to humiliate Vladimir Iliych''s followers, not to touch on ideology, but just to bury him because of universal human values," Krasheninnikov said.

The issue was discussed in times of the Supreme Council of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (RSFSR) and during Boris Yeltsin''s presidency.

"At that time the most widely-held position was that there was a severe confrontation between the State Duma and the President''s Administration. That is why, in order not to deepen the confrontation, we proposed to postpone Lenin''s burial and wait till for confrontation to settle," Krasheninnikov said.

The burial of the Bolshevik leader would be in line with the latest events relating to the tragic period of the early 20th century, he said, referring to the reburial of Denikin and Ilyin in Moscow on Monday.

Liberal and Democratic Party of Russia leader and State Duma vice-speaker Vladimir Zhirinovsky also supported the idea of Lenin's burial.

"As far as the funeral at the Donskoy monastery is concerned, no reconciliation will be achieved until Lenin is removed from Red Square and the Communist Party should be banned," a statement by Zhirinovsky says.

Deputy to the Yabloko Party Chairman Sergei Ivanenko told Interfax that "the time to bury Lenin has come, but it should not be done now."

"This issue was discussed widely a year ago and the reaction of society was unclear. One should understand that there are polar and acute opinions and one should at first think preventing someone''s remains from becoming the symbol of hostility," Ivanenko said.

"There is too much political spin regarding the issue of reburial, there should be less politics and more time given to the humanitarian position."

Last week Presidential envoy to the Central Federal District Georgy Poltavchenko said that Lenin should be buried.

"Our country has been subject to distempers many times. I find it unjustifiable that those who began such times lie at the heart of the state, near the Kremlin. They are people too, they may have been mistaken and we can support or oppose their convictions, but they deserve to be buried like a human," Poltavchenko said at a press conference at Interfax on Wednesday.

"I think that the time will come when everybody will be buried in Mother-Earth," Poltavchenko said.

Russian Cultural Foundation President Nikita Mikhalkov told journalists that the next act after Denikin and Ilyin''s reburial should be the burial of Lenin''s body.

"I think the next act should be to bury Vladimir Lenin''s body as he was one of the greatest politicians in world history," Mikhalkov said.

"Some adored Lenin and others hated him," he said.

"But how much is the person hated not to be buried?" Mikhalkov said.

He said that Lenin''s reburial should be "a mature, competent and calm act, one which will be the fulfillment of Lenin''s last will. This should be done in civilized, human manner and should everything be done the right way, everybody will understand this," Mikhalkov said.