2005-10-04 17:27:00

Burring Lenin not a priority - Mironov

Elista, October 4, Interfax - The body of Vladimir Lenin will be buried sooner or later, but the issue is not a priority, said Federation Council Speaker Sergei Mironov.

"I am absolutely sure that sooner or later the will of Lenin, or Ulyanov Vladimir Ilyich, will be fulfilled. He said he wanted to be buried according to Orthodox Christian traditions. He was an atheist, but nevertheless he wanted his body to be committed to earth," Mironov told reporters during his visit to Elista, Kalmykia.

However, this is not a priority, he said. "Maybe our descendants will do it, it is not important when," he said.

"As if there were no other problems in Russia. Did we solve the poverty problem, have we built all roads, do all kids get warm rations at schools, do we have good pensions? Let him lie, where he lies," he said.

"I think that Lenin and his doctrine brought about much harm to our country. But there are people who think differently and I respect their opinion; first and foremost, that of the older generation," he said.

The Elista city administration "has acted very proficiently" in restoring the monument to Lenin on the city's central square but removing it from the center of the square, he said.

"We have to respect the opinion of people who want the monument to exist. My approach to the burring is the same," he said.