2007-12-07 13:19:00

Ukraine’s Orthodox believers demand to close an exhibition insulting Christian feelings

Moscow, December 7, Interfax – Ukraine’s Orthodox believers held a prayer manifestation in protest against an exhibition of the local businessmen Viktor Pinchuk in a Kiev art-center, which they considered blasphemous.

‘Orthodox demanded that the organizers should remove a blasphemous exposition named ‘Jesus and twelve apostles’. It is a horrific exposition, where ‘the holy apostles’ are presented as 12 cows and bulls heads placed in 12 aquariums with formalin’, the statement of the action organizers’ reads. It has been conveyed to Interfax on Friday.

According to them, there are big rectangular boards made of dead flies in front of every aquarium including the one ‘depicting’ the Savior.

‘Orthodox believers consider mocking at our Lord Jesus Christ and the holy apostles inacceptable. It insults the feelings of all Orthodox believers and all Christians’, the statement says.

The participants in the event distributed their statement and insisted that the organizers should ‘stop the blasphemy’.

Letters with the statement were also sent to the Ukrainian Culture Ministry and Kiev’s Culture Department as well as to the Supreme Rada deputies with the request to make an inquiry to the Prosecutor General's Office if the legislation had been violated.