2008-01-23 17:50:00

Russians are not ready to bury Lenin – a poll

Moscow, January 23, Interfax – Most Russians still want to see the mausoleum on Red Square and speak against Lenin’s burial, sociologists assure. However, according to them, people are getting more reserved on the question than in previous years.

82% of Russians wanted the mausoleum to remain on the main square and 44% did not want Lenin to be buried in 2000, while in January 2008 their number reduced to 64% and 34% accordingly, Levada-Center told Interfax on Wednesday.

Nowadays, 8% of respondents (compared to 6% in 2000) speak for removing mausoleum to some other place, and 12% (compared to 6% in 2000) proposed to destroy it.

34% of those surveyed (compared to 44% in 2000) spoke for Lenin’s body to remain on Red Square.