2008-03-14 17:03:00

The Russian Orthodox Church urges to launch anti-advert of vicious life style

Moscow, March 14, Interfax - Deputy Chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate Department for External Church Relations Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin has urged to unmask erroneous ideas about "attraction of vice and happy life of vicious people."

"Alas, popular science and "big" mass media are almost silent about horrific reality of sin. That's why we should create the true portrait of a sinner and a sinful society basing on concrete facts. I'm sure it will be absolutely unattractive," the priest writes in his Scraps essays published in the Pravoslavnaya Moskva paper in March.

"By the way, Fr. Vsevolod further writes, we can make such an advert: here is a happy just married couple leaving the church after wedding, and here is night-clubber with a glass of cognac with prostitutes and pederasts. And "Part II": five years have passed - the couple is among their children, while the marry-maker is in hospital dying from AIDS."

He noted that indignant liberals would speak up at once: "why should we scare people?"

However, according to the priest "it's better to scare than not to warn of a lethal danger. And our opponents are indignant because they know: truth is ours."

The representative of the Russian Orthodox Church cited results of Paul Cameron's research. According to them, life span of homosexuals and lesbian is 20% lower than that of ordinary people in Denmark and Norway.

Besides, in compliance with the information of the California University, homosexuals think about suicides 20% more often.