2008-04-01 13:41:00

Vatican sets to making Kosovo Catholic

Moscow, April 1, Interfax The Vatican's missionaries got down to their plans to convert Kosovars in Catholicism, an article published in the Profile magazine reads.

It cites Kosovo Catholic bishop Dode Gjergji speaking before European democratic parties' officials in Brussels as he called Kosovo Muslims Islamized Catholics converted in Islam by terror.

Later in the American Congress he stressed again that absolute majority of Kosovars were "pro-Christian" and thus were "pro-European and pro-American."

Catholicizing Kosovo with its 3% of Catholics, its "cultural baptism" (this is how Gjergji calls his mission in the region) will provide Pristine with "a European ID card" and calm down European public opinion concerned with Islamic intervention in the continent, the author says.

"It's quite evident that Vatican has actively participated in the anti-Serbian game throughout Yugoslavian history thus fulfilling its global task of proselytism in the East of Europe," the article reads.

Its author claims that "these longstanding plans made use of historical situations, wars and cooperation with Tito's totalitarian regime. Yugoslavia only formally was hostile to pontificate as if preventing the latter from execution of its old missionary plans."

In the first half of the 20th century Vatican signed the Concordat with the government in Belgrade which declared the kingdom of Yugoslavia a state of mission. No other European state allowed Vatican to impose such definitions after World War I, the author notes.

After Yugoslavian president Josip Broz Tito died, Vatican was one of the first to back up Yugoslavia's separatism and formation of independent Catholic republics in 1980s.