2008-04-17 15:32:00

Lenin asked to bury him like an Orthodox Christian, a producer who made a film about him claims

Moscow, April 17, Interfax – New documentary about Lenin is to be broadcasted on April 21 on Russian TV. The film Unbearable Leader claims that leader of the world proletarian willed to commit his body to earth after his death.

“Lenin asked to bury him in compliance with Orthodox tradition. As far as I remember, he spoke of St. Petersburg. Though due to the numerous requests of workers who didn’t have enough time to farewell with the great leader, Stalin decided to build a wooden mausoleum,” the film’s producer Igor Prokopenko said as quoted by the Rossiiskaya Gazeta daily on Thursday.

According to him, he meant a temporary mausoleum. “No one intended to leave Lenin’s body there forever. The months slipped away, the years passed and it became clear that the overflow of workers didn’t run short.”

On March 6, 1953 it was suggested to bury Lenin’s body. Then the Council of Ministers issued a decree to set up a necropolis for moving bodies of Lenin, Stalin and all others buried in the Kremlin wall. Pantheon was to be located in several kilometers south to Moscow state university and replace a former vitamins plant. This question was also discussed after August coup 1991.

A decision to set up a federal cemetery was adopted under Yeltsin. Today its construction is started in Mytishchi and the works are to be completed in 2010, the paper says.