2008-05-05 13:22:00

Israel is a special field for missionary activity of the Church, the famous Russian cleric said

Moscow, May 5, Interfax - Professor of the Moscow Theological Academy Deacon Andrey Kuraev said that the Moscow Patriarchate should begin actively preaching among the Russian-speaking Jews of Israel.

"On the whole, the Orthodoxy here has got a unique opportunity to grow, because hundred thousands of Russian Jews arrived to live here," said Fr. Andrey to Interfax-Religion.

He noted that the Russian Jewish community in Israel consisted mostly of intelligentsia (middle class), but he doubted that the "local Greek Patriarch" had enough resources to communicate with this group which "shows a great interest in Christianity".

"This is a unique missionary opportunity - we could bring the light of the New Testament to Israel through Jews who are brought up on the European and Russian classics," said Fr. Andrey.