2008-05-05 15:13:00

The Union of Orthodox Citizens twits the Greek clergy of the Holy Land with the failure to perform their missionary obligations

Moscow, May 5, Interfax - The Union of Orthodox Citizens thinks unfounded accusations of Russians in "nationalism" and "aggressive policy" in the Holy Land expressed by Jerusalem Patriarch Theofilus III during his meeting with Russian media before Easter.

"The problem of failure to perform by the Greek clergy of their missionary obligations to the Orthodox Arabs and Eastern Christian unions correctly stated by the founder of the Russian spiritual mission Porfiri Uspensky is still important," said the Head of the Moscow department of the Union Kirill Frolov to Interfax-Religion.

According to Frolov, the answer to the statement by Theofilus III that Bishop Porfiri allegedly brought "the poison of racism" to Palestine may be "Physician, heal thyself".

Frolov believes that the words of Jerusalem Patriarch about allegedly aggressive policy of Russia in the Middle East allow to make "a sad conclusion" that Patriarch "prefers degraded, dependent, and inactive but unclouded materially position of the Jerusalem Church under unorthodox rule to much more complex and risky but vitally important to all people of the Middle East Orthodox mission with an active support of the Russian Orthodox state."

"It is evident that joint activity of all Orthodox churches will make such testimony more efficient, but new "porfiri uspenskys" with their mission, catechesis, and active position seem only to interfere with "a quiet life" of our Greek brothers under unorthodox rule," says Frolov.

Frolov notes that such psychology "is also distinctive for may Orthodox believers in Russia who are trying to discredit the Orthodox missionary outreach from allegedly "Orthodox" standpoint."