2008-05-07 11:12:00

Sakharov Museum director to be criminally indicted for Forbidden Art-2006 exhibition organization

Moscow, May 7, Interfax - Yury Samodurov, the director of the Andrey Sakharov Museum and Public Center, has been summoned to the Investigative Committee for questioning.

"Samodurov was presented with a summons from the investigative department for the Tagansky Administrative District of Moscow on May 6. Investigator Korobkov summoned him for May 8, to be indicted and questioned on a case opened about a year ago into the organization of an exhibition entitled the Forbidden Art-2006 at the Andrey Sakharov Museum in March 2007," Lev Ponomaryov, the leader of the organization For Human Rights, told Interfax.

The exhibition Forbidden Art-2006 organized by arts critic Andrey Yerofeyev in the Sakharov Center in Moscow in March, 2007, included Mickey Mouse, Lenin, pornography pictures, and obscene sexual slang painted on crucifix and other Christian symbols, which are to be observed through holes in a sheet.

According to the Sakharov Museum official website, the Forbidden Art-2006 showed the art pieces banned by directors or art councils of Moscow museums and galleries in 2006.

The exhibition has caused indignation in the Orthodox community and clerics.

Ponomaryov said he learned from Samodurov that "an officer from the organized crime department, who delivered the summons, also held summonses for Museum Board Chairman Shabad, Deputies to the Sakharov Foundation Chairman Litinsky and Bolotovsky, and former museum employee Yevgenia Lezina, who was not even working at the Sakharov Center when the exhibition took place."

Interfax could not immediately obtain comments on this respect from the Investigative Committee.