2005-10-20 12:09:00

No unity of opinion among Russians on Leninís body burial - poll returns

Moscow, October 20, Interfax - Russians are divided in opinion on the burial of Leninís body, as the recent poll of the Levada Analytical Center has shown.

According to its results that have come to Interfax on Thursday, 40% of the Russians polled believe it necessary to leave the leader of the world proletariatís body in the mausoleum in Red Square, while 36% suggest that he be buried at the Volkovo Cemetery in St. Petersburg and still other 15% want him to be buried at the Kremlin wall. Every ninth respondent (9%) has not decided yet.

At the same time, the Levada Center poll has shown that an overwhelming majority of Russians (80%) are in favour of the mausoleum itself remaining in place even if Leninís body is buried. 6% of the respondents suggest that it should be transferred to another place, while another 6% want it to be demolished.

Every second respondent (51%) is against transferring all the graves of Soviet leaders from Red Square to cemeteries. This idea is supported by one third (32%) of those polled.

In this representative poll, the Levada Center questioned 1600 Russian citizens on October 14-17 in 128 cities and villages in 46 regions in Russia.