2005-10-21 11:10:00

Benedict XVI hopes his visit to Russia will take place

Vatican, October 21, Interfax - At his recent meeting with a group of pilgrims from St. Petersburg after general audience Pope Benedict XVI expressed his hope that his visit to Russia will take place some day.

‘Spero, che il Signore mi apre la strada’, the head of the Vatican said in response to an invitation to visit Russia voiced during the meeting.

Such invitation has already came from Russian pilgrims, when the Pope came up to greet them at St. Peter’s Square on May 18. At that time the Pope refrained from comments, information centre of the Conference of Catholic Bishops in Russia reported Interfax.

Two conditions must be met for a visit of the Primate of the Roman Catholic Church and the head of the Vatican State to any country. The first is an invitation from the local Catholic community, and the second - an invitation from the head of the state. During the last pontificate one more condition was also observed, namely,a consent of the predominating Christian confession in countries where Catholics are in minority.