2008-06-04 13:29:00

Gorbachev supports idea to bury Lenin (updated)

Moscow, June 4, Interfax - Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin)'s body should be removed from the mausoleum on Red Square and buried, former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev said.

"One day we will come to see no cemetery or Lenin's body near the Kremlin Wall. He should be committed to the ground," Gorbachev said at a press conference at the Interfax Moscow office on Wednesday.

Asked when this should happen, Gorbachev replied, "I think this will happen. Time will tell."

These words evoked protest from former Russian Health Minister Andrey Vorobyov, who was speaking at the same press conference, along with Gorbachev and a number of other political and science figures, who signed a petition for building a memorial to victims of political reprisals.

"Why should this be done? Why remove [Lenin from the mausoleum]? This is our history. People who were in this country's leadership in different times are buried there," Vorobyov said.