2008-06-05 14:34:00

People will allow removing Lenin's body from Red Square - human rights advocate

Moscow, June 5, Interfax - Head of the Memorial organization Arseny Roginsky doesn't approve of Communist leaders opinion that Russian society is not ready to bury Vladimir Lenin.

"Whose heirs are we? Thousand year history of Russia is behind us and dictator's mummy who brought this history to the way of violence and freedom restrictions looks absolutely inappropriate in Red Square" Roginsky has told Interfax on Thursday.

According to him, "Lenin, Stalin and other people who initiated terror should be removed from Red Square and be buried in the cemetery, where their admirers can bring flowers." "They are not needed on the back of our many centuries history and the Kremlin walls," he believes.

"What does Lenin's mummy symbolize in Red Square? When he was placed to the mausoleum in the 1920s, it was a symbol of the Communist idea and creation of a new just state. Today it's a symbol of the blind alley where this Communist idea led us," the human rights advocate said.

Roginsky admitted that Lenin was "a prominent revolutionary" but he further stressed that the founder of the Soviet state was "the person, who introduced the idea of violence as the method of state governing."

"It seems to me that his removal and ordinary burial will mean that we deny this heritage and are eager to come back to normal Russian history. I am sure that our society is able to understand it," Roginsky said.