2008-06-18 10:37:00

Vatican can study Holodomor circumstances jointly with Ukraine

Vatican, June 18, Interfax - Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Vatican Secretary of State declared that the Vatican could conduct research jointly with Ukrainian authorities into the circumstances of the Holodomor in the 1930s, Interfax-Religion said.

"Currently the cultural authorities, the Ukrainian government and the president personally request to conduct studies by forming scientific commissions that would study the existing documents on these facts and the attempts of assistance from the Catholic Church, the Holy See in those times," Bertone told Vatican Radio after visiting Ukraine.

These studies and exchange of historic data will "cover the whole history of Ukraine, as it is usually done in order to reconstruct the data on the countries that have contacted the Holy See, especially the Pope," he said.

"The Ukrainian people and authorities perceive the tragedy of the Holodomor very painfully primarily because, as we know, the tremendous failure of crops that affected Ukraine in those years provoked the death of seven million people," Bertone said.

According to some historians, and "as the Ukrainian government is convinced, the failure of crops was caused intentionally exactly with the aim to eliminate the Ukrainians," he said.