2008-06-23 17:48:00

Orthodox community suggests conducting prayer services on the eve of Russia's play in Euro 2008 semi-final

Moscow, June 23, Interfax - The Union of Orthodox citizens considers it important to extend prayerful support to Russian footballers on the eve of their play with the Spanish team in Euro 2008 semi-final on June 26, Thursday.

"The next match will take place shortly before the feast of All Russian Saints. Football in Russia is more than just football, so the whole country should pray for victory of Russian team on the eve of All Russian Saints day," head of the Union's Moscow department Kirill Frolov has told an Interfax-Religion correspondent on Monday.

He also recommended Russian footballers to visit a Russian church in Switzerland before the match.

The interviewee of the agency called Holland, which had lost to Russia in quarter-final, "a champion" of European de-Christianization" and reminded that it had "legalized homosexuality, drugs and a pedophiles political party is being established there." Frolov believes that "Orthodox Russia won over "apostates" in that game.

As to the previous Russia-Sweden match, the Union's representative believes that "associations with the Poltava victory are relevant and necessary in this case."

"We needed this "Poltava victory" in the context of pan (Ukrainian for mister - IF) Yushchenko's plans to celebrate "Ukrainian-Swedish action" in 2009. Our footballers have broken off this "piece of project," Frolov stated.