2008-06-24 13:04:00

Iran to give a fitting rebuff in case the USA attacks it - Ayatollah Taskhiri

Moscow, June 24, Interfax - The head of the Iran's Islamic Culture and Communications Organization Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Taskhiri warned the USA against attacking his country.

"I think that America is clever enough not to attack Iran. I hope that it won't do it as the United States has too many problems even without that,' the religious leader told an Interfax-Religion correspondent in Moscow.

"Iran is not as weak as Iraq," he stressed.

If it comes to it (war with the USA - IF), the whole Iraqi nation will be ready to oppose the enemy, we will give a fitting rebuff to America," the interviewee of the agency said.

He criticized the West for "desecration of Islamic shrines, occupation of Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan" and said he believed the dynamic dialogue between Russia and Muslim states was very important.

"Russia is a country with a great culture, history and if such a great country cooperates with Islamic world, it will be better for everyone," the ayatollah summed up.

Ali Taskhiri participates in Russia and Islamic World international scientific and practical conference, which is being held in the Russian capital.