2008-07-01 14:51:00

Attack on Ukrainian monastery

Kiev, July 1, Interfax - Two young men attacked the Pustynno-Rychlovsky St. Nicholas Monastery in the Chernigov region of Ukraine.

The accident occurred in the afternoon after the Sunday service. According to the Ukrainian Vecherniye Vesty, the abusers rushed in one of the monastery's buildings shouting, "Get out of here! You have nothing to do here! We are the owners!"

The attackers beat three novices who they found inside of the local St. Nicolas Church.

They scattered old books, damaged the priests' vestments, and crashed the Holy Gate. The monastery has suffered significant damage. Only art experts can define the actual figure of loss by counting the lost books and icons.

One vandal was apprehended by monks, and the other - by police. The attackers explain their assault by the fact that the monastery took the premises of the former club for young people.

St. Nicholas Monastery was founded by the order of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Synod in 2006.