2008-07-29 17:31:00

Prayer service for Russian Olympic success in Beijing conducted in the Kremlin

Moscow, July 29, Interfax - Patriarch Alexy II of Moscow and All Russia blessed Bishop Amvrosy of Bronnitsy to conduct a prayer service for Russian sport success in the Beijing Olympic games at the Kremlin Assumption Cathedral.

"Millions of people will care and pray for you in the Olympic days. We believe you'll win many gold medals for Russia and firm up its name, though it has already been inscribed with golden letters in history," Bishop Amvrosy addressed the Russian team and representatives of the Russian Olympic committee who attended the prayer service.

Only Orthodox priests will provide Russian sportsmen with spiritual care. The divine services will be conducted in a special room in the Olympic village.

All sportsmen were given diptych icons of the Mother of God and the Savior as a sign of patriarchal blessing.