2008-08-13 13:33:00

Georgian militants destroyed old Christian shrines in South Ossetia

Moscow, August 12, Interfax - Georgian fire destroyed many cultural monuments in South Ossetia, Rosokhrankultura states.

Many architectural memorials were preserved in Tskhinvali for centuries such as ancient St. George Kavt Church of the 8th -9th centuries, the Sabatsmind Fort of the 15th -18th centuries, the Khvtismshobeli Church (18th cent.), some cathedrals of the 19th century (St. Nicholas Church, the Assumption Church and others.)

"When Georgian forces intruded to South Ossetia all mentioned monuments were destroyed or suffered a great loss because of their barbarian operations," statement of the head of Federal Service for law observance supervision in the field of protection of cultural heritage Alexander Kibovsky says as it was conveyed to Interfax.

He established that "Georgian military forces seriously violated norms and spirit of the Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict."